Programmatic Advertising

How it works

Main benefits of programmatic advertising

  • Algorithms look at dozens of data points from the bid request as well as historical cookie/device ID data to determine the value of a user to a campaign. By analyzing historical conversion data, algorithms determine the bid price (bought as a CPM) a brand should pay for an impression, based on the likelihood it will result in a conversion.
  • Managing campaigns within a DSP allows for much more extensive and efficient capabilities to hone in to a target audience. Using 3rd party or a DSP’s proprietary data to track and optimize against viewability metrics and fraudulent activity ensures more impressions are actually being seen by consumers, which leads to better brand exposure, more accurate reach and frequency analysis and, of course, a more efficient campaign.
  • The most revolutionary aspect of programmatic buying is that it allows an advertiser to serve one specific ad to one single consumer in one single context. We can precisely determine which consumer gets to see which ad and when. It gives a huge advantage over traditional segment-based buying, where advertisers can only offer one generic ad to a large and diverse segment of consumers.
  • Brands can engage with audiences across screens and across channels, so a retailer can reach the customers both on their PCs and smartphones. All in all, advertisers can connect with audiences faster and smarter on any device and on any channel in milliseconds.

Brand safety

  • We analyze brand risk at the page level based on multiple variables including text, inbound and outbound links, and the URL. Additional specifications are available for geo-compliance, keywords, and custom site lists. Across 40 languages.
  • Whether it is adult content, alcohol, hate speech, illegal downloads, illegal drugs, offensive language, violence, or gambling, we’ll work closely with you to set brand safety thresholds for each campaign, and save you from wasted impressions.

Ad fraud

  • We hate fraud, in all its many forms. Our partner’s team developed sophisticated tools and established a dedicated lab to makes sure ads are served by real publishers and shown to real humans and the right target audiences, all to maximize ROI for both buyers and sellers.
  • We use big data and session-based signal analysis to measure and block fraud at the impression level, and in real time. Across channels, environments, and creative formats.